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  • 7 May 2024

    In late 2023, Mehdi made the move from Morocco to Belgium to join Select Projects as an engineer. The integration went very smoothly, and in April, he celebrated a major milestone: six months at Select Projects, but also six months in Belgium.

    How are you doing?

    “Everything is good. I've been in Belgium for almost seven months now, my wife and kid are here too, and I'm starting to get used to living here. The weather is quite unpredictable though.”

    What are you doing at Select Projects now?

    “I'm working on two projects. For the second project, we are currently conducting a feasibility study. The client wants to aseptically upgrade an existing conventional filling line.”

    How do these projects compare to the work you did in Morocco?

    “It's all new to me. There are similarities, but it's definitely a challenge. The pharmaceutical aspect is also new to me. That means a lot of documentation, new terms and new requirements to learn.

    I saw it as a great opportunity to work on this project. It allows me to learn more about pharmaceutical policies. In the beginning, it was very difficult, but now I'm getting more used to it.

    The difference with my previous experience (As a process and continuous improvement engineer) is that before in the two positions I held, the majority of the tasks I had were more on an operational scale : If there were problems, I would solve them as quickly as possible. It was very operational. Now, as a project engineer, you think at a higher level, more strategically. We take our time to think strategically about changes or potential problems. It's not an operational position, This is why it is new for me which will enrich my career.”

    How is your Dutch coming along?

    “I've started the course and I really want to be able to speak Dutch fluently, or at least understand it. For now, I can speak a little bit of Dutch. But I am practicing.

    The team I work with on my project is also very international: Canadians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians people from Qatar, Lebanon and Iran. So, we often speak English (or French with some of them).”

    How did you experience the cultural difference? What do you think of us Belgians? Are we very different from Moroccan people?

    “I find Belgians to be very open people. For example, I can easily talk to my neighbors, my colleagues. Belgians are very nice. They're not as open as people in Morocco, but I expected them to be much more closed. In the cafeteria at work, during lunch, I'm never alone. There's always someone to chat with.

    Select Projects also organizes a lot of afterwork activities that I enjoy participating in. I couldn't attend the last one because it coincided with my Dutch class. But you'll definitely see me at an afterwork activity in the future.”

    Thank you, Mehdi. We wish you continued success at Select Projects and lots of fun in Belgium!

    Want to know more about international recruitment for your company? Reach out to us!

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    Select Projects
  • 25 April 2024

    Home of Recruitment supports clients in recruiting sales, marketing, and interim professionals based on recruitment & selection. Always working with a focus on results but also with consideration for the individual: Always reaching for the stars!

    Home of Recruitment consists of three departments: Salesrecruiters is the largest recruitment agency in the field of Sales in the Netherlands. Marketingrecruiters are the specialists in selecting and convincing the stars in marketing. Since the beginning of 2024, we also mediate interim professionals through Interimrecruiters.

    Specialists in their field

    What makes Home of Recruitment so strong is their specialization. "We speak the language of our clients and candidates," says CFO Jasper Bentvelsen. "At Salesrecruiters, our consultants are daily engaged in speaking with sales profiles from various industries. And as a result, they can select the best candidates. Additionally, for each assignment, we look at which consultant has the most affinity and experience so that they best fit the client."

    Maintaining autonomy within Select Group

    Home Of Recruitment has been part of Select Group since October 2023. "We were looking for a strategic partner with a long-term vision," says CEO & founder Enrico Ouwehand. "We believe we have found that with Select Group. The discussions we had with Bart, Jelle, and Charlot were very pleasant from the start. We noticed that we share the same values ​​when it comes to quality focus, integrity, and organizational safety."

    An important condition for Home of Recruitment was also autonomy. "We are very proud of the brands we have built and we wanted them to continue to exist. And Select Group felt exactly the same way."

    This acquisition is a win-win for both parties. Select Group strengthens its position in the Dutch market. And vice versa, Home of Recruitment can accelerate its exploration of opportunities in the Belgian market. Additionally, this collaboration is an opportunity to transfer knowledge and create new commercial opportunities.

    Would you like to know more about the services of Home Of Recruitment? Visit their website.

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  • 27 February 2024

    Ten years ago, Select Projects originated as a project bureau. Since dedicating itself to Life Sciences, Select Projects has evolved into a prominent knowledge and expertise organization that provides services throughout nearly the entire value chain: from project engineering at equipment, product, and process levels, to qualification and validation activities, QA and QC, and also services within logistics and administration.

    Similarities between Select Group & Select Projects

    Select Projects is one of the first members of the Select Group. Bram Damen, director of Select Projects, notes the similarities between both parties: 'We share the same norms and values. The key to our success includes our human-centered approach, deeply rooted in the DNA of Select Group. We always prioritize consultants and provide them with every opportunity to grow and develop into the best version of themselves.'

    Talent Development

    Select Projects invests fully in its consultants at three different levels: through the Academy, competence centers, and the growth perspective model.

    The Academy includes technical training to enhance consultants' professional skills, and we also invest in programs focusing on personal skills such as leadership. This allows our employees to develop into full-fledged consultants.

    Through competence centers, Select Projects can acquire, share, and safeguard knowledge. Thus, all the knowledge secured within Select Projects is distributed across various fields of expertise. This is advantageous for consultants who can address field-specific queries with their colleagues, and our clients also benefit. By partnering with Select Projects, they tap into a comprehensive knowledge database.

    Long-term professional development is also emphasized. The growth perspective model is a roadmap outlined for each consultant to plan their career for the long term.

    Human-Centered Approach

    Select Projects emphasizes building sustainable relationships with clients through a human-centered approach. 'Clients see us as a reliable advisor, enabling us to evolve into a comprehensive knowledge and expertise organization capable of delivering end-to-end solutions as a true partner to our clients,' concludes Bram Damen, director of Select Projects.

    Want to learn more about Select Projects' services? Visit their website.

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  • Peps Interim breidt uit naar Vlaanderen: eerste kantoor geopend in Gent cover
    23 January 2024

    In June of last year, Peps Interim took a significant step in their growth story by opening their first office in Flanders. Frederick Doublet and Marjolein Van Parys took on this important task. Companies on both sides of the language border can now rely on Peps Interim for the recruitment of primarily technical workers.

    Active since 2005

    Peps Interim has been active since 2005. Three entrepreneurs founded Peps Interim to approach the interim world differently: building long-term relationships with clients, emphasizing transparency, and maintaining personal contact with interim employees. With this vision, Peps Interim became a solid player in the sector in Wallonia.

    Since 2018, Peps Interim has been part of the Select Group. With this affiliation, Peps Interim could fully pursue further growth. Several new offices were added without deviating from the trusted formula. With seven offices in Wallonia and a well-known name, Peps Interim crossed the language border for the first time in 2023.

    New service in Flanders: international recruitment

    In June 2023, Frederick Doublet and Marjolein Van Parys opened Peps Interim's first office in Flanders, specifically in Ghent. In addition to the familiar services, Peps Interim in Flanders also focuses on international recruitment.

    "The tightness in the job market is strongly felt by our clients, who are looking for technical profiles. It hampers their growth which is a major concern," says Frederick Doublet.

    "The pool of available talent in Belgium is extremely small, so it's worthwhile to look abroad. Within Europe, there is still a considerable amount of high-quality technical talent available. Our clients can rely on full support from Peps Interim. We take care of the journey to Belgium, housing, permits, and other administrative tasks."

    Synergy with other members of the Select Group

    The synergy within the Select Group remains significant, both in Flanders and Wallonia. Recently, the office of Select HR in Mouscron has been integrated in the Peps Interim network. By collaborating within the same pillar, new opportunities can be created.

    Synergy is also on the agenda on the northern side of the language border. With the offices of Select HR Ghent and Peps Interim Ghent in the same building, the interaction between the two companies is very swift. "Clients of Select HR in need of specialized technical workers for example construction workers can be assisted by us, and vice versa, we can refer our clients struggling with other personnel issues to the experts at Select HR."

    With the opening of the office in Ghent, Peps Interim has expanded its presence to Flanders, strengthening its position as a reliable partner for companies in the technical sector. Peps Interim remains committed to providing high-quality technical personnel on both sides of the language border. Discover more about Peps Interim on their website:

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  • We are Select Group: 3W stelt zich voor cover
    18 January 2024

    3W has been active in Interim Management for over 25 years and has a database of approximately 2000 experienced managers, each with 20-30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. 3W supports clients by connecting them with the right interim manager for specific projects. Therefore, 3W is positioned within Select Group under the pillar of 'Project Sourcing.'

    The experts of 3W have their own experience in the business world, enabling them to assess the needs of their contacts very well, including those of C-level managers at clients and their own Interim Managers.

    Synergy with Select Group

    'Three years ago, in consultation with Select Group CEO Bart Gonnissen, we decided to acquire 3W," says Patrick Michielsen, a partner at 3W. "We felt that there was a lot of synergy possible with the members of the group. It was very important that our visions on HR services were very closely aligned.'

    'Select Group has a clear vision: quality can only be carried by authentic and driven individuals. We at 3W also fully endorse this.'

    These synergies have since proven themselves. 50% of requests at 3W come through the group's network. Through collaboration with other members of Select Group, 3W can designate the right person within the group to support their clients with other services. In addition to the need for interim managers, clients have other recruitment needs as well, and thanks to the close relationship with Select Group, 3W can provide the right solution.

    Want to know more about 3W's services? Visit their website.

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  • 22 November 2023

    How to attract young talent? Young talent is very valuable, especially in these times of scarcity. Vacancies are not easily filled, even by young starters. But how do you get young people on board as an organization these days?

    If you want to reach a specific target group, you need to be where that target group is. It makes little sense to look for a bus driver for the Brussels region using posters in the streets of Kortrijk. If you want to reach young talent, you will need to share your job vacancy on the right channels.

    Help! Where should I publish my job vacancy? Randstad published the results of a 2019 survey on job channels and who uses them. It turns out that those under 25 are less likely to search through public job sites like VDAB or LeForem, but instead, they use Google and Facebook more. Recruitment agencies are notably more popular among those aged 25-34.

    So, it's crucial to publish your job vacancy on these channels or reallocate your budget to certain channels. If your job vacancy is not on Facebook, the chances of attracting young talent are smaller.

    Away from traditional channels EN HR Solutions, a Dutch company and a member of the Select Group specializing in job marketing, understands that not everyone is reached in the same way. If you have difficulty finding candidates, the professionals at EN HR ensure that your job vacancy is marketed in a way that reaches the right target audience.

    Lodi Planting from EN HR Solutions explains, "Before you publish a job vacancy, you need to have a target audience in mind and empathize with their world. In the example of young talent: they have less faith in traditional media channels. They don't read news through newspapers but rather through social media, where news is shared among peers. Young people attach more importance to what their 'peers' say because it is authentic. So, make sure you are active on social media."

    "Additionally, the way young people absorb information is changing. A job vacancy on a website consists of a lot of text, while young people prefer to see images. That's why social media platforms like TikTok, WeChat, and Instagram are gaining more ground." In short: If you want to reach young people, immerse yourself in their world. Ensure that your job vacancy is on social media and has an attractive image or even better, a video.

    Tailor your offer to your target audience Did you know that fringe benefits like health insurance or a company car rank second as the least important reasons for young people to choose a job? This is revealed in a survey conducted by VDAB & youth organization De Ambrassade among 940 young people aged 16-30.

    What do young people look for in a future employer then? A good salary is an important factor, especially for job-seeking young people, but it is only indicated as the most important reason by 50.87% of job seekers and 28.84% of working young people.

    However, salary is only in third place. Job content and location are slightly more important. Flexible working hours are also important for young people. They want autonomy, the ability to organize their work, and a job they enjoy. Varied tasks and friendly colleagues make work meaningful.

    Conclusion: Attract young talent by… Publishing your job vacancy where young people are active: social media Using images and videos Focusing on aspects that appeal to young people for a job (job content, location, colleagues) If you find it difficult to reach your target audience with your job vacancy despite these tips, contact our colleagues at EN HR Solutions via They can help you further.

    No time to create a job vacancy yourself? Turn to the consultants at Select HR. They will publish your job vacancy on the right channels and select suitable candidates based on your criteria. You can find an HR professional near you on the Select HR website.

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    EN HR solutions
  • 24 October 2023

    When filling open job vacancies, foreign candidates are increasingly being considered due to the shortage of labor in the Belgian or Dutch market. Select Group can provide support for international recruitment, both within and outside Europe. Recently, the Moroccan project engineer Mehdi started at Select Projects.

    Are you looking for an engineer, a technician, or an IT professional? Then you have surely experienced how difficult they are to find. The list of bottleneck professions is getting longer, and the labor market is becoming tighter. The talent pool in Belgium or the Netherlands is quite limited, which is why international recruitment is becoming more and more valuable for these types of profiles. Select Group can help with that.

    Non-Dutch-speaking projects

    "To strengthen our team of engineers, we were looking for a project engineer," says HR Business Partner at Select Projects, Bénédicte Joret. "A profile that is increasingly difficult to find in Belgium. The demand from our clients to deploy these experts on their projects is also rising rapidly. We see that the need is high, and we want to continue supporting clients with the right expertise."

    Of course, international engineers cannot be deployed on every project. This requires flexibility from the client. "Today, more and more companies realize that the labor market in Europe is becoming too tight. We also notice that more of our clients are open to professionals with a foreign background."

    Successful Collaboration with Xpertize

    For this international recruitment, Select Projects once again turned to Xpertize. The organization is also a member of Select Group and has previously collaborated with Select Projects. "Just before the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, we recruited about 30 engineers from Morocco for a major project in Ghent. Everything went very smoothly at that time," says Bénédicte. "It was clear to us that we would turn to Xpertize again for the search for a project engineer."

    Thanks to the assistance of colleagues at Xpertize, Select Projects was able to screen several interesting profiles. The first screening took place in Morocco, conducted by Xpertize. In a second and third round, the candidates were introduced to their future employer, Select Projects, through video interviews. "Even though everything was done online, we could still assess which profiles would be suitable. With Mehdi, we immediately noticed that his attitude was good, and his English was excellent. Of course, he also had the right experience and industry-specific skills to offer."

    "Mehdi was also willing to relocate to Belgium, along with his family," says Bénédicte. "As soon as his employment contract was signed, we started all the administrative procedures in cooperation with our local partner in Belgium. This included arranging a visa and necessary permits, booking flights, and finding a place to live. They also assisted Mehdi with his registration."

    Once in Belgium, our partner, along with Mehdi, looked for a permanent place for him and his family to settle. Other tasks such as opening a bank account and obtaining health insurance were also taken care of together. Select Projects places a lot of emphasis on proper integration and, as a result, found a few short Dutch lessons for Mehdi to start before he began his integration course.

    "We went to welcome Mehdi at the airport. We want to ensure that he feels at home immediately, that he doesn't have to worry too much about the administrative and practical aspects, and can focus on his work," says Bénédicte. "Two weeks after his arrival in Belgium, Mehdi was able to start on one of our Life Sciences projects within engineering. His project focuses on the development of new filling lines."

    The first few days went smoothly, and we wish Mehdi a lot of success in his career in Belgium!

    Want to learn more about international recruitment? Don't hesitate to contact us.

    About Select Projects

    Select Projects is a member of Select Group and operates in Belgium and the Netherlands. Employees of Select Projects support clients in the Life Sciences industry on a project basis, including project engineering, validation/qualification, quality assurance & QC projects, and other fields. Select Projects employs professionals looking for interesting and innovative projects while seeking to grow in their expertise. Here, they can become the best version of themselves.

    Visit the Select Projects website:

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  • 17 October 2023

    The fact that several profiles are increasingly hard to find in our job market today is no longer news. The pool of available talent is slowly drying up, especially for certain specific profiles. Companies need to get more creative in convincing talent working elsewhere to join their ranks. What if we were to cast our net in different waters? Select Group is focusing on international recruitment and did so in 2023 for an internal position.

    The labor market's tightness is particularly felt today in some specific fields. Think of IT profiles, engineers, or technical professionals. Ask companies with job vacancies for these kinds of profiles today, and the answer is: "They can no longer be found!" When all domestic sources have run dry, there's always the option to look to international talent pools. But how do you go about it?

    Software Developer in Morocco

    Thanks to the close collaboration among members within Select Group, they can quickly explore other options. Xpertize, active in Morocco, acts as a bridge between the Belgian and Dutch entities within Select Group and the local market for Moroccan talent. With the hiring of Zakaria, a software developer from Marrakesh, we made use of our own services for a first internal international recruitment.

    'In early 2023, it became clear that we needed to strengthen our team in the field of software development,' says Jeroen Huygh, Corporate IT Manager at Select Group. 'We had to find a software developer with the necessary experience who could evolve into a product owner of a specific software that we use within our organization in the long term.'

    Extra Difficulty: Mainly Freelancers Available

    After an internal briefing about the profile, a vacancy was posted by Select Group's internal HR team. It quickly became evident how challenging this task was. 'IT profiles are always hard to find, but in this case, an additional difficulty arose. Software developers prefer to work as freelancers so they can take on various projects for different clients. For this position, we were looking for someone who could support the project in the long term and who would be willing to join us as a permanent employee. He or she would need to become our in-house expert.'

    Many potential candidates stumbled on this aspect. Select Group's internal HR department pulled out all the stops, including using unconventional channels specifically for IT professionals, such as Reddit, and reaching out to companies tailored to individuals with autism spectrum disorders. But finding the right candidate was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

    The open vacancy came to the attention of their colleague Naïm Bentaleb, who, along with his brother, is responsible for Xpertize in Morocco. He suggested to Jeroen that they also search for software developers in Morocco. With the help of Xpertize, they received many applications from Morocco. They conducted a second round of interviews with several candidates, including Zakaria, who eventually accepted their offer.

    Xpertize as a Key Local Link

    The job interviews were conducted via video calls, which posed no obstacle for Select Group's internal HR team. 'We immediately noticed that Zakaria was a great fit for Select Group. He was also enthusiastic, presented himself professionally, and passed the technical screening.' Both the colleagues in Morocco and Zakaria are fluent in French and English, which facilitated communication.

    To further streamline communication between Moroccan candidates and Select Group as their prospective employer, Xpertize played a crucial role. They prepared candidates for their international or remote adventure on-site, and they also provided information to the future employer about the local job market in Morocco and the general framework from the outset. A local partner is necessary to bridge this gap.

    Remote Work or Relocating to Europe

    Zakaria currently works from Morocco. In IT profiles, this is a common way of working that also appeals to many IT professionals. However, there are other non-remote options. For instance, Select Projects recently hired an engineer from Morocco who traveled to Belgium a few days before starting.

    Depending on the job vacancy and the preferences of the candidate or employer, one of these options can be chosen. Alternatively, if appropriate, a hybrid option can be selected where the candidate starts remotely temporarily and later travels to Europe. As always, the members of Select Group work entirely tailored to individual needs and can provide support in various forms for international recruitment.

    Want to know more about international recruitment? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • 16 October 2023

    What do you do when the traditional channels no longer work? When your job posting barely generates any applications and you can't reach the right candidates? With vacancy marketing, Select Group strategically markets your job posting. Antwerp-based company Solvio was one of the first to use our service and found the two candidates they had been searching for for months within a few weeks.

    High Demand, Low Supply

    After the covid 19-pandemic, companies started to hire again in full force but the job market couldn't provide the right talents. "We also notice at Select that the number of job orders has increased significantly in a short period," says Jelle Destoop, Commercial Director at Select Group. "The COVID-19 crisis was very unpredictable. Companies paused ongoing hirings or canceled plans to hire new employees. As soon as the economy started to pick up again, the number of job vacancies increased."

    "Today, we are inundated with requests. Our clients are once again searching for employees. The high demand for workers combined with a limited supply of candidates makes the situation very challenging. We can't change the market, but with vacancy marketing, we can attract the right candidates more quickly."

    "Vacancy marketing allows us to attract the right candidates more quickly."

    Solvio was one of the first to experience this. Solvio is a well-established company in the Antwerp region, specializing in property management and administration for both individuals and businesses. They were looking for a property manager, preferably with some experience, a challenging task given the current job market.

    "For a property manager at Solvio, you are responsible for managing many properties, which is quite a challenge. The job is not for everyone," explains Olivier Blockhuys. "We were looking for someone with experience, and they are not easy to find. To find our new employee, we turned to Select Group."

    Using Conventional Methods

    "We started with Solvio just like any other job posting: after a thorough interview with Olivier, we created a job posting and placed it on our job boards. Additionally, we searched for candidates in our own database and through other sources," says Steffi, Lead Consultant at Select HR in Belgium. "We quickly realized that this would be a tough search. The number of candidates for this type of position is very limited. Not many people can or want to perform this job, and this vacancy required someone with experience, making it even more challenging."

    Steffi began the search in April, primarily focusing on LinkedIn. "You need to approach such challenging profiles personally." From this intensive search, they found a good candidate who received an offer but ultimately decided to stay with their current employer. So, in July, they started the search again.

    "Urgently Wanted: Property Manager"

    After the summer vacation, they faced a new challenge. "Another property manager had left our organization," explains Olivier. "So, we were not only looking for a new employee but also urgently needed a replacement. We asked Select Group if they could do more." At that time, vacancy marketing at Select Group was just getting started, and Solvio became the first client to use this service.

    "In the current job market, simply posting a job online and waiting for applicants is no longer sufficient. You need to be where your potential candidates are," Steffi explains. "At Select Group, we can rely on our experience: we know that one profile is more likely to be found on Indeed, while another might be looking at job listings on LinkedIn. As a result, we publish job postings in a targeted manner. Vacancy marketing takes it a step further."

    "With vacancy marketing, we start even more from the candidate."

    With vacancy marketing, the focus is even more on the candidate. An analysis of the job market determines which media channels the candidates you are looking for frequent, how the job posting should be crafted, and what additional campaigns we can undertake. In short, it's a customized marketing campaign for your job vacancy.

    What Is Vacancy Marketing?

    Select Group's core business is the recruitment process: finding candidates, identifying their talents, and matching them with what employers are looking for. The human aspect is central to this process: taking the time to truly get to know your candidate, looking beyond their CV. However, to do this, you need an adequate pool of candidates. In a tight job market like this, it requires additional expertise.

    Select Group found this expertise with EN HR Solutions. In the spring of 2020, Select Group acquired this Dutch RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) player. One of their strengths? Vacancy marketing. They ensure that a job vacancy is viewed, read, and that the right candidates apply. In essence, they handle everything that comes before the actual application. Select Group and EN HR Solutions complement each other nicely because once the application reaches the recruiter, they can ask the right questions and make the match with a potential employer.

    First Vacancy Marketing Campaign a Success

    Back to Solvio's story. Olivier was presented with the idea of setting up a vacancy marketing campaign.

    The campaign went live in early September. Just three days later, the first application arrived. The job posting was viewed 143 times in the first two weeks. For comparison, in the two weeks before the campaign, it was viewed only 20 times. During the campaign, 13 candidates applied for the position. One week after the campaign's launch, one property manager received an offer. The second one applied at the end of the campaign and signed his contract a few weeks later. A search that had lasted more than six months was concluded in less than three weeks.

    "We were extremely satisfied with the campaign," Olivier says. "The need became very high with the imminent replacement. During that period, we also approached other parties, but no one could provide the right candidates quickly enough. By launching vacancy marketing, we were able to attract many more candidates in a short time."

    "It was something new, but it worked! And Select Group kept us informed of the results every week. Additionally, we could continue to rely on the service we were accustomed to from Select: they screened the applicants and introduced us to interesting candidates who matched the job requirements and our company culture. We could confidently place the entire recruitment process in Select's hands."

    Are you currently looking for candidates? Turn to Select to find the right candidate! For more information, contact Commercial Director Jelle Destoop at or +32 3 612 22 91.

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  • Is LinkedIn nog wel hét rekruteringskanaal bij uitstek?
    9 October 2023

    LinkedIn is often considered the holy grail for many recruiters. But is it really so? Can you still find the candidates you're looking for in LinkedIn's global database today, or is the oversupply of job listings and a shortage of talent a blow to this social network?

    A global concern is rising about the misuse of LinkedIn amongst many HR professionals. There are increasingly more users who close their LinkedIn profiles because they receive an overwhelming amount of messages. Recruiters who send the same messages every day to thousands of IT professionals or engineers are bombarding sought-after talent with messages, leading them to leave the platform.

    In the current job market, what is the added value of LinkedIn? Where is the platform headed in the future? And should you invest in it if you're only looking for a few new employees each year? We asked one of the top LinkedIn users at Select HR: Michèle Pauwels.

    Michèle primarily recruits office, sales, and HR profiles in the West and East Flanders region of Belgium. She frequently uses LinkedIn because that's where she can find her target audience: "In my experience, these types of profiles are not easily found in other database. Occasionally, I find them on Indeed, but LinkedIn remains my number one database for office, sales, and HR profiles."

    However, Michèle notices a change regarding LinkedIn compared to the past: "I have over 15 years of experience in the industry, and in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to find candidates, even through LinkedIn. I reach out to as many people as before, but I receive fewer responses. In addition to candidates I approach on LinkedIn, many candidates also apply in the traditional way, through the website. I find that I now achieve more success through that route than through LinkedIn. However, I couldn't do without it. It's still essential to expand your own database with new candidates."

    "Not every profile can be found on LinkedIn."

    Not every working human is active on LinkedIn. "You won't find everyone on LinkedIn. My colleagues in the East and West Flanders region who are looking for sales representatives or drivers have more success on Indeed or other local jobboards. It depends on the profile, whether you can find them on LinkedIn."

    Some small businesses lack this experience, according to Michèle. "If you want to use LinkedIn as a recruitment channel for your small business, you'll have to go through a learning process. You need to know how the tool works in practice, but also how to approach candidates effectively so they respond to your message. You invest a lot of time in mastering LinkedIn. At Select HR, we are on the platform every day, which is why clients rely on us. They don't have to make the purchase or learn the tool; they trust that we can identify the right candidates."

    "LinkedIn is more than just a platform for finding candidates and recruiting new employees. I also use LinkedIn to learn more about specific companies. You can find all sorts of information about specific industries and trends. Finally, LinkedIn is also a way to stay up to date with people in your network: who is currently looking for work? Who has recently left a job?"

    "Recruitment campaigns instead of sending random messages."

    Despite the lower number of responses, LinkedIn remains an indispensable recruitment channel according to Michèle. But she sees this evolving in the future: "The traditional way of recruiting is diminishing. I see more and more companies launching major marketing campaigns through LinkedIn to hire employees. These campaigns are not limited to LinkedIn alone."

    "We've all become a bit lazy and want everything at our fingertips on our phones, like delivering groceries or watching a movie instantly. As an employer, you must reach out to your candidates today, make it as easy as possible for them, and connect with them through the social media platforms they are active on, such as Instagram and TikTok. LinkedIn is not as popular in this regard."

    So, LinkedIn is slowly becoming less of a miracle, but it's still a valuable platform to keep close at hand. However, you may find candidates more quickly on other social networks like Instagram and TikTok today. For tips on how to best reach your target audience, you can read our blog post "Recruiting through Social Media: Reaching Passive Job Seekers" where colleagues from EN HR Solutions offer some advice.

    If you need innovation in your employee recruitment or want to set up a recruitment campaign on social media, or if you want to start using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool, turn to our professionals! Contact us through our website, and we'll make sure your request reaches the right member of our team.

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    EN HR solutions
  • Select Group Gathering: let’s get ready for take off! cover
    9 October 2023
    Select Group is growing. With over 500 employees spread out across 12 entities, keeping the family-like spirit is a big challenge. That’s why we organize Select Group events each year. To get to know each other outside of the work atmosphere and crossing company-borders. The first weekend of October last year we took off for a party getaway in Ibiza. Exactly one year later we invited all members of Select Group again at an airport. But this time, we stayed on the ground. As always during our Select Group Gathering we invite all groupies for an evening of good food & good vibes. The evening started in a hangar at Antwerp Airport. During the reception guests could get a closer look at two private planes. Speculations about a new incentive trip and memories about the last trip were shared with old and new colleagues. After this impressive warm welcome all groupies were invited to listen to the speech of Co-CEO’s Jelle Destoop and Charlot Van Ussel during which they presented the numbers of the last six months. The three most recent members of the group (EGHT Care, Flox and Select Beople) took their time to shine and presented themselves in front of all groupies. After the official part the evening continued with delicious food, great music and good vibes overall. The usual suspects did not hesitate to take on the dancefloor, as was expected. Even some new faces showed off their dance moves.     Want to become a groupie and join us on our next Select Group Gathering? Check out our members on our website.  
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  • 4 September 2023

    An employee expresses ambition and wants to grow. He or she is extremely motivated, you think he or she has the right capabilities, but you are not 100% sure. Then an independent assessment centre can provide the decisive answer. Belfius called on Select HR & Select Beople to objectively assess the internal candidates for the role of manager.

    Assessments have become an integral part of employee development and growth in many organisations. Thanks to an assessment, employees can be assessed independently. Are they suitable for a new role in the organisation? What areas of work remain? What training courses are appropriate?

    'Within Belfius, our COMMV attaches great importance to the development of employees, allowing them to grow from starting positions to more challenging and complex roles, and even to manager,' says Stijn Buelens, manager COMMV. 'Naturally, we handle such career jumps very carefully.'

    'At Select Beople we immediately had a good feeling'

    Four employees had expressed their ambition and wanted to progress to manager. To make an informed choice, Belfius enlisted the help of Select HR, who in turn called on the Select Beople colleagues within Select Group. 'We went over a number of issues together. Capacities or characteristics relevant to a business manager. This also already largely corresponded to the capacities that Select Beople itself considered relevant.'

    Belfius and Select HR are no strangers to each other. Select HR already looked for and found the right profiles for several offices. For this assignment, Select HR called in the experts of Select Beople, which, like Select HR, is part of Select Group. Select Beople was able to bring the right references to the table in terms of assessments. Nevertheless, Stijn and his colleagues made a comparative study between three parties beforehand. 'With Select Beople we immediately had a good feeling. You can have the right tests technically and be able to perform and interpret them well, but in such exercises emotional or social intelligence is also very important,' Stijn explains. 'I had the impression from the start that Liva and Annemie are very performant people, whom I could trust completely.'

    'I was amazed at how good that description was'

    The assessment centre itself took just over half a day. The four prospective business owners were tested in a variety of areas. Caroline, one of the participants explains what exercises were on the programme: 'It started with some tests we had to prepare at home including a personality test and a motivation test. At the office itself, we were given a big case to test our analytical ability, two role plays, a SWOT analysis and a general interview.'

    After an intensive day, assessors Annemie and Liva took the time to give extensive feedback to each candidate. 'We received some brief feedback immediately after the exercise and afterwards we each received an extensive personal report that we went over together in a call. I was amazed at how, based on not even a full day, they could describe who we are so well. It seemed like they had known us like our colleagues for eight years. Consequently, the working points and strengths largely matched what I expected for myself.'

    For the participants, besides being an eye-opener, this is also a learning experience. 'You don't do this every day,' Caroline explains. 'By being presented with a case like this, you also learn how you would deal with it. These are situations you've never had to deal with before. It certainly wasn't easy, but it was very instructive.'

    There are few areas for improvement'

    An assessment centre stands or falls with the assessors who steer everything in the right direction. For Stijn, that aspect was the deciding factor. You can still do all the tests correctly. If you don't interpret them correctly, the result is only half as good. That is precisely what Select HR & Select Beople is so strong in: high-performing people who do the right thing in the right way. That combined with the result, the process made it a very pleasant experience. There are few areas for improvement.'

    Caroline also agrees: 'Annemie and Liva created a pleasant environment where I really felt at ease. An assessment is always exciting. You want to do your best and are quite nervous. But they still put us at ease by explaining the exercises well and communicating very clearly.'

    For Caroline, the assessment already proved positive. Together with a second colleague, she came out of the assessment positively. Soon we will be sitting down with head office to discuss the rest of this process in more detail. Which working points came out of the assessment and which coaching can we adapt to these? In January 2025, I will then officially make the move.'

    We wish Caroline and her colleague every success and would like to thank Stijn and his colleagues at Belfius for their trust in Select HR & Select Beople.

    Want to know more about assessment centres? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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  • 13 June 2023

    EN HR solutions has been part of Select Group since 2020, we would like to briefly introduce this member of our group.

    Helping clients with their employer brand

    EN HR solutions is a strategic recruitment partner for organizations and facilitates companies in achieving growth objectives. People are essential for this, and EN HR solutions makes a strong case for just that: they make sure that the right people come on board, at the right time, in any type of contract.

    What is unique about EN HR solutions is that everything is done in the name of the client to strengthen their employer brand. Everything that is built up therefore remains the property of the end customer. In addition, all solutions are reinforced with a piece of marketing.

    Wings in the Belgian market thanks to Select Group

    When the original founders were to settle permanently abroad, the sales process was initiated. 'We chose Select Group because they could give us wings in the Belgian market,' says Managing Director Tjesca Honnef-Kuytenbrouwer. 'The values and standards within both organizations are similar and that is very important to us.'

    "Additionally, we really liked Select Group's no-nonsense personal approach," says Commercial Director Kevin Sebel, "It also helped tremendously that Select Group's management believes so strongly in the future-proofing of our concept.

    Services of EN HR solutions

    EN HR solutions offers various services in the Netherlands and Belgium that can be divided into three areas: RPO, labor market communication and consultancy.

    RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the full or partial outsourcing of a recruitment process. With a constant focus on strengthening the client's employer brand.

    The second domain is labor market communication. Within recruitment, this domain is indispensable. Labor market communication includes creating work at-websites, developing employer value propositions, setting up target group and employer branding campaigns.

    The third domain includes consultancy. EN HR solutions helps organizations optimize their recruitment. What is the current situation and how can we change or improve it?

    Would you like to know more about the services of EN HR solutions? Visit their website.

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  • 7 June 2023

    A new company will become active within Select Group on June 1. In it, the already existing Select Consultancy & Outplacement department and new member of Select Group, Beopledd, join forces. The new company will continue under the brand name "Select Beople."

    By integrating the activities of Beopledd, Select Group strengthens its position as a prominent player in the market of HR consultancy, outplacement, assessments, learning & development and career coaching.

    Synergy of consultancy services at Select Group

    Beopledd was founded in 2000 under the name Kaleido Consulting. Over the years, the company grew into a reference player in its domain: supporting individuals, teams and organizations with their challenges in these disruptive times. This addition to Select Group complements Select Consultancy & Outplacement's existing services and offers the possibility of creating further synergies.

    "With Select Group we found a partner that strongly aligns with our corporate culture and vision," said Raf Vanzeer, founder of Beopledd, "We experienced a great complementarity with Select Group's HR Consultancy activities. In a market where scale and critical mass are important, we are now joining forces to offer end-to-end solutions.

    Responding to growing demand in the labor market

    'For Select Group, this addition is a further strengthening of our services. Combining the expertise of both companies gives us the necessary strength and know-how to respond proactively to the changing labor market and the increasing emphasis companies are placing on internal mobility, retention and career management," says Co-CEO Jelle Destoop.

    If you have any further questions, please contact Jelle Destoop at

    Discover the other brands in Select Group, on our website.

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    Company News
  • 4 July 2022

    Select Group acquires interest in Flox, steadily continuing its growth in the Dutch staffing market. Flox, the most beautiful club in Veenendaal, has been active on the Dutch staffing market since 2009.

    Jaco Verboom founded his own agency after experiences at other HR players.  Flox focuses on profiles in Logistics, Construction, Engineering & Office. With 20 colleagues they mediate candidates every day in the next step of their career.

    Last year Flox underwent a true metamorphosis into a fanatical soccer club. For more information, see the interview in Werf&.

    Increase in Dutch activities Select Group

    They do this with great passion and put the candidates and their development first. That is where Select Group and Flox come together.

    After PPM and EN HR solutions, this next step provides a nice increase in Select Group's Dutch activities. As a new member of the Select family, Flox will be able to further expand its business and organization autonomously, based on synergies with other departments and brands. Corné Verboom will take on the role of Operational Director.

    It is Select Group's intention to continue to build a strong network in the Dutch market in cooperation with Flox.  Jaco Verboom will be helping to drive this growth story forward as acquisition manager.

    A WIN WIN guided by SDM Corporate Finance Group who helped build the right framework for this Buy and Build.

    Discover the new member of Select Group: visit the website of Flox.

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    Company News
  • 30 June 2022
    When we say that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find staff, we are kicking in an open door. Hiring managers in all kinds of sectors notice the tightness of the job market every day: publishing a vacancy on the well-known job boards no longer generates applicants. How can social media help?

    Who do you reach through social media?

    On the one hand, there are more and more job vacancies. On the other hand, there are fewer and fewer jobseekers; the pond in which all these organisations fish is getting smaller. Those who publish on well-known jobsites like VDAB, Indeed or Jobat do reach actively job-seeking candidates. But this is only a small percentage of potential candidates. If you want to reach the non-active jobseekers, social media is the quickest way.

    How do you recruit through social media?

    Recruiting via social media is more than just sharing jobs on your LinkedIn page. You want to use social media to make your employer brand known to the world: what is it like to work for your company? What are your values? Make sure potential applicants become fans of you as an employer. Within Select Group, EN HR solutions is busy with recruitment via social media every day. From targeted campaigns for vacancies to reaching a specific target group or setting up an employer brand. We asked our colleagues from EN HR solutions for some tips.

    Tip 1: Use the right channel

    Want to attract a young audience? Then it is best to create an account on Instagram or TikTok. Experienced sales and HR profiles are usually more likely to be found on LinkedIn, technical profiles can be reached on Facebook. Of course, this is very simplistic, also consider location, sector, age category. Test, measure and adjust your channels.

    Tip 2: Don't limit your postings to exclusively vacancies

    Use your social media to give an insight into your company. Share what you stand for as a company, show what it is like to work for your organisation. That way, you'll get people excited about joining your team even before a vacancy is shared. If you only share job vacancies, your followers will not know what it is like to work for you and will be less likely to apply.

    Tip 3: Think one step further

    A cool ad is nice, but also make sure candidates can take a follow-up step. Do you direct them to your website? Then make sure they can easily view the vacancy and apply there. Want to make it even easier for candidates? Let them apply without asking for a mandatory CV. Many visitors who come via social media do so on their phones and do not have a CV at hand. Make your website and application process mobile-friendly. Are you unable to reach the right candidates via social media? Call in the help of EN HR solutions. They are experts in finding out where your potential candidate is and know how to reach him or her with the right advertisements. Get in touch via our website or check out EN HR solutions' website. Curious about how Select Group recruits via social media? Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
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    EN HR solutions
    Tips & tricks
  • 26 April 2022

    For the first time, Select Group participated in the Antwerp 10 Miles, a running event in and through Antwerp. With 32 runners, Select Group was well represented. Moreover, the run was not just for the sake of it, but for a good cause: Mercy Ships.

    The Miles for Mercy campaign started 10 weeks before the Antwerp 10 Miles. Anyone within the Select Group could commit to a special challenge: run from Antwerp to Senegal in 10 weeks. If the 4.416 km were covered, Select Group would donate 2.000 euros to Mercy Ships. Just under 50 runners ran a total of 4.470 kilometres.

    On the eve of the run, several hundred kilometres were still missing. Those last kilometres were covered during the Antwerp 10 Miles under a bright sunshine. With 32 runners, we can speak of a successful first edition. In the company ranking of just under 300 companies, Select Group came 143rd.

    See below for some photos of the event:

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  • 14 April 2022

    Select Group has more than 10 different brands. Ten different entities, each with their own character, but all sharing the Select Group values and standards. Ten (and more) different directors who joined the group with their own story.

    For the first time since the creation of Select Group, all these brands were brought together. At the beginning of 2022 Select Group came into being in its current structure. With its own logo and website. This was the moment to bring all members together physically for the first time. Most of them knew CEO Bart Gonnissen, but not each other. A missed opportunity. The various directors came together for a two-day meeting in Limburg.

    Getting to know each other and learning from each other

    ‘The intention of this two-day event was mainly to get to know each other better. Everyone knows each other's company by name, but what do they do exactly and what are they good at? On the first day, the focus was on getting to know each other. Each entity had prepared a presentation'.

    On the second day, we took the time to listen to each other's challenges: what are we up against and how can we help each other out', CO-COO Jelle Destoop explains. 'We are all in the same group and can certainly learn from each other. A lot of action points have been noted and during the two days we have also gained some inspiration. A successful first meeting.'

    Discover all brands within Select Group on our website.

    Keep updated about Select Group, follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

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