• 26 April 2022

    For the first time, Select Group participated in the Antwerp 10 Miles, a running event in and through Antwerp. With 32 runners, Select Group was well represented. Moreover, the run was not just for the sake of it, but for a good cause: Mercy Ships.

    The Miles for Mercy campaign started 10 weeks before the Antwerp 10 Miles. Anyone within the Select Group could commit to a special challenge: run from Antwerp to Senegal in 10 weeks. If the 4.416 km were covered, Select Group would donate 2.000 euros to Mercy Ships. Just under 50 runners ran a total of 4.470 kilometres.

    On the eve of the run, several hundred kilometres were still missing. Those last kilometres were covered during the Antwerp 10 Miles under a bright sunshine. With 32 runners, we can speak of a successful first edition. In the company ranking of just under 300 companies, Select Group came 143rd.

    See below for some photos of the event:

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  • 14 April 2022

    Select Group has more than 10 different brands. Ten different entities, each with their own character, but all sharing the Select Group values and standards. Ten (and more) different directors who joined the group with their own story.

    For the first time since the creation of Select Group, all these brands were brought together. At the beginning of 2022 Select Group came into being in its current structure. With its own logo and website. This was the moment to bring all members together physically for the first time. Most of them knew CEO Bart Gonnissen, but not each other. A missed opportunity. The various directors came together for a two-day meeting in Limburg.

    Getting to know each other and learning from each other

    ‘The intention of this two-day event was mainly to get to know each other better. Everyone knows each other's company by name, but what do they do exactly and what are they good at? On the first day, the focus was on getting to know each other. Each entity had prepared a presentation'.

    On the second day, we took the time to listen to each other's challenges: what are we up against and how can we help each other out', CO-COO Jelle Destoop explains. 'We are all in the same group and can certainly learn from each other. A lot of action points have been noted and during the two days we have also gained some inspiration. A successful first meeting.'

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