09/10/2023 | Written by: Emma | Category: EN HR solutions

Is LinkedIn still the ultimate recruitment channel?

LinkedIn is often considered the holy grail for many recruiters. But is it really so? Can you still find the candidates you’re looking for in LinkedIn’s global database today, or is the oversupply of job listings and a shortage of talent a blow to this social network?

A global concern is rising about the misuse of LinkedIn amongst many HR professionals. There are increasingly more users who close their LinkedIn profiles because they receive an overwhelming amount of messages. Recruiters who send the same messages every day to thousands of IT professionals or engineers are bombarding sought-after talent with messages, leading them to leave the platform.

In the current job market, what is the added value of LinkedIn? Where is the platform headed in the future? And should you invest in it if you’re only looking for a few new employees each year? We asked one of the top LinkedIn users at Select HR: Michèle Pauwels.

Michèle primarily recruits office, sales, and HR profiles in the West and East Flanders region of Belgium. She frequently uses LinkedIn because that’s where she can find her target audience: “In my experience, these types of profiles are not easily found in other database. Occasionally, I find them on Indeed, but LinkedIn remains my number one database for office, sales, and HR profiles.”

However, Michèle notices a change regarding LinkedIn compared to the past: “I have over 15 years of experience in the industry, and in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to find candidates, even through LinkedIn. I reach out to as many people as before, but I receive fewer responses. In addition to candidates I approach on LinkedIn, many candidates also apply in the traditional way, through the website. I find that I now achieve more success through that route than through LinkedIn. However, I couldn’t do without it. It’s still essential to expand your own database with new candidates.”

“Not every profile can be found on LinkedIn.”

Not every working human is active on LinkedIn. “You won’t find everyone on LinkedIn. My colleagues in the East and West Flanders region who are looking for sales representatives or drivers have more success on Indeed or other local jobboards. It depends on the profile, whether you can find them on LinkedIn.”

Some small businesses lack this experience, according to Michèle. “If you want to use LinkedIn as a recruitment channel for your small business, you’ll have to go through a learning process. You need to know how the tool works in practice, but also how to approach candidates effectively so they respond to your message. You invest a lot of time in mastering LinkedIn. At Select HR, we are on the platform every day, which is why clients rely on us. They don’t have to make the purchase or learn the tool; they trust that we can identify the right candidates.”

“LinkedIn is more than just a platform for finding candidates and recruiting new employees. I also use LinkedIn to learn more about specific companies. You can find all sorts of information about specific industries and trends. Finally, LinkedIn is also a way to stay up to date with people in your network: who is currently looking for work? Who has recently left a job?”

“Recruitment campaigns instead of sending random messages.”

Despite the lower number of responses, LinkedIn remains an indispensable recruitment channel according to Michèle. But she sees this evolving in the future: “The traditional way of recruiting is diminishing. I see more and more companies launching major marketing campaigns through LinkedIn to hire employees. These campaigns are not limited to LinkedIn alone.”

“We’ve all become a bit lazy and want everything at our fingertips on our phones, like delivering groceries or watching a movie instantly. As an employer, you must reach out to your candidates today, make it as easy as possible for them, and connect with them through the social media platforms they are active on, such as Instagram and TikTok. LinkedIn is not as popular in this regard.”

So, LinkedIn is slowly becoming less of a miracle, but it’s still a valuable platform to keep close at hand. However, you may find candidates more quickly on other social networks like Instagram and TikTok today. For tips on how to best reach your target audience, you can read our blog post “Recruiting through Social Media: Reaching Passive Job Seekers” where colleagues from EN HR Solutions offer some advice.

If you need innovation in your employee recruitment or want to set up a recruitment campaign on social media, or if you want to start using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool, turn to our professionals! Contact us through our website, and we’ll make sure your request reaches the right member of our team.