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We are Select Group: Select Projects Introduces Itself

Ten years ago, Select Projects originated as a project bureau. Since dedicating itself to Life Sciences, Select Projects has evolved into a prominent knowledge and expertise organization that provides services throughout nearly the entire value chain: from project engineering at equipment, product, and process levels, to qualification and validation activities, QA and QC, and also services within logistics and administration.

Similarities between Select Group & Select Projects

Select Projects is one of the first members of the Select Group. Bram Damen, director of Select Projects, notes the similarities between both parties: ‘We share the same norms and values. The key to our success includes our human-centered approach, deeply rooted in the DNA of Select Group. We always prioritize consultants and provide them with every opportunity to grow and develop into the best version of themselves.’

Talent Development

Select Projects invests fully in its consultants at three different levels: through the Academy, competence centers, and the growth perspective model.

The Academy includes technical training to enhance consultants’ professional skills, and we also invest in programs focusing on personal skills such as leadership. This allows our employees to develop into full-fledged consultants.

Through competence centers, Select Projects can acquire, share, and safeguard knowledge. Thus, all the knowledge secured within Select Projects is distributed across various fields of expertise. This is advantageous for consultants who can address field-specific queries with their colleagues, and our clients also benefit. By partnering with Select Projects, they tap into a comprehensive knowledge database.

Long-term professional development is also emphasized. The growth perspective model is a roadmap outlined for each consultant to plan their career for the long term.

Human-Centered Approach

Select Projects emphasizes building sustainable relationships with clients through a human-centered approach. ‘Clients see us as a reliable advisor, enabling us to evolve into a comprehensive knowledge and expertise organization capable of delivering end-to-end solutions as a true partner to our clients,’ concludes Bram Damen, director of Select Projects.

Want to learn more about Select Projects’ services? Visit their website.