The best version of yourself

At Select Group, we dedicate ourselves to organisations and people every day. Why? Because it is our belief that everyone has what it takes to become the best version of themselves.

We ensure that they can develop through personal attention and our expertise. In this manner, we facilitate growth, improve personal well-being and create economic added value for organisations.

We want to ensure thereby that we are among the top-notch references in the markets in which we operate.

Availability of a wide range of experts

Select Group is a specialised generalist.

With our various group brands, we can offer you a wide range of project solutions and HR services. That makes us a generalist.

The help we can provide to you will depend on who you are, and on the issue at hand. Each of our brands offers specialisation in its own field. The expertise we have in-house therefore makes us the specialist. For job seekers as well as organisations, at the national as well as international level.

What our brands have in common is genuine commitment. We think with the customer and go the extra mile. Our solutions are therefore always tailor-made to requirements.

Would you like to find out how we can contribute to realising the best version of yourself or of your organisation?

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We facilitate your
growth and

Select Group offers qualitative project solutions and HR services.

All our solutions facilitate the growth of people and organisations to ensure that they can become the best version of themselves.

This is also in our DNA. Our employees are specialists in their respective fields.

This is what we stand for

It is because of our expertise that you approach us, but you choose to collaborate with us because you feel you can identify with our values:

We put people at centre stage

We believe in human well-being. That is why we always act from the human perspective. We do this for our clients, candidates, partners and employees. After all, human capital is a major distinguishing feature.

We create added value

We promise high quality solutions that provide added value in response to your challenge. Quality lies in our sincerity, our customised approach, and in our expertise. That is why you can be sure of committed consultants who are happy to share their knowledge and who strive to create added value. We think with you. We are the experts.

We are socially committed

Our human philosophy is also in our partners’ DNA. That is why we are permanent partners of charities such as Mercy Ships and UNICEF. We collaborate with Casco Phil, and Antwerp Spring Festival in the field of culture. This is how we build bridges within society and bridge gaps between generations.

We act with integrity

We always fulfil our promises. We build long-term relationships. We do this with a no-nonsense, sustainable and transparent approach in which we act as genuine partners. The manner in which we achieve this is at least as important as achieving the end result.

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